Box rock and roll bed

Box rock and roll bed not as you would imagine. There are numerous versions of the rock n roll bed available from only a couple of hundred euro to the fully blown seat belt tested TUV approved systems at well over a grand. Lets not kid ourselves, mine is a home made camper van and I don’t want to buy a metal fold able bed for my camper, I want to make everything myself. Also I would like as much storage space as possible. After lots of searching and no real result, I invented my own system. Or at least I have not seen it elsewhere. A main base to the bed with a box system that sits on top and can be lifted and turned over put on the floor to make the base of the bed 185cm which is my height. In the beginning I made one box. But this was difficult to turn if the doors were not open so I cut it in two. The box is great in itself as it holds two pillows, sheets and duvet as well as the stick on window blinds for the front cabin and rear window. Which leaves all the space underneath for storage.

Watch a video here of the box rock and roll bed

We got the mattress made off an internet site with foam and memory foam, it is only 10cm thick and very comfortable. Maybe go for 12 if you need the extra padding, but we find it fine.

Box rock and roll bed

This ended up being a great solution for our van. We only need two beds, so we are happy to only have the three seats in the front with no belted seats in the back. Obviously if you need a four berth you will need a pop top roof (don’t like) and seat belts in the back. But really a VW T5 for four people…


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