Inspection Van to Campervan

Inspection Van to Campervan was done today, and successfully done too. The inspector filled in all my paper work and now I need to contact the lovely people at VRT who will inform me how much I will have to pay in tax to change the van over to camper vanĀ  and enable me to request a new log book and new road tax prices. Plus normally the price for insurance should go down too, as the van will no longer be commercial. But of course here in Ireland this remains to be seen as insurance here is such a “monopoly” kind of a game…

The last thing I had to do on my way to the inspector was to buy a folding table, each van must have, a table, curtains, sink, and cooker. Among with other requirements that can be a bit vague.

Still delighted, it has passed and I am almost done, apart from of course the bureaucracy.