Van Rouge Road Trip 2022 pt1 France

Another trip completed, just back from 7 weeks in Van-Rouge. We started off by sailing from Dublin to Cherbourg. We had to go to Dublin to get a temporary passport for Nadette as hers had expired. The Belgian embassy was great.

Leaving Dublin

May the holiday reading commence.


Cliche time

Just like last year we started off with a visit to Caroline, an old friend of Nadette’s in Yvoy le Marron, so of course I went off cycling.

After two nights we headed off and filled up with great value diesel compared to Ireland, hitting the free A20 heading south.


Luckily we just caught site of this “Routierre”and pulled off the autoroute for a three course meal including wine for 16€

We were heading for Mazamet to see Jean, but took it easy and pulled off the Autoroute to hit the route national staying the first night in Langeac, after finding a site using park4night. The app for van life….


Visited the village of Najac, one of Many nicest villages of France…

The Castel

Najac seen from the Castle

A stop along a river for a picnic

We kept heading down towards Mazamet and stayed by a river for the night near a small village, no restaurant available, so cooking in the van.

Of course some van rouge




We got to Jeans place near Mazamet, Jean does gites et chambres d hotes and makes his own wine etc.

Nadette started to do some art and the kittens got involved…

One afternoon we had a visit to the Lac du Merle

After Jean we headed off the Bedoin as of course I had to cycle up Mt. Ventoux, off road using the Pistes de Gravier Blancs

More reading


Nice message on the back of the tractor

We picked up our old friend Fabienne for a day and took her out for a meal, she is full time in a care home now and does not get out much. We met her in India many years ago and visit her when we can.

Then we headed to Dauphin to see Ed and Anne friends of ours who also have a house in Ireland

Cycling again

Jeans and electric versus lycra and pedal power….

Ed had a Gig the first night we were there. Watch the Video

Anne and Nadette

Apt, a picture I sent to a friend, as we used to climb at Bioux near Apt back in the 80s

Last night in France so we headed to the Col de Bonette our favourite col it is just so beautiful. Would have liked to cycle it, but the weather was brutal, we slept at 1600meters and it was freezing.

Cool place for a stopover

Last time we were here a month earlier and I could wash in the river, but not this time.

We arrived in Italy, two weeks since we arrived in France, never driven in Italy before, so was intersted to see how it turned out.