Campervan Conversion

Campervan conversion from an Electricians van to a Campervan in the timespan of one year. Start off by stripping out all the plywood cladding of the original van and giving it a good clean.

After that the first stage is to fit side windows, insulate the van walls, ceiling and floor. Cut all the panels out of birch ply and a nice marine ply floor and fit it all together with two way stretch fabric on the walls. It ends up looking really nice and could just be a nice clean van…

What could also be done here is to run some electricity cables and maybe a gas pipe. However for the electricity I have my own idea about what I need and the gas installation in Ireland has a few difficulties in that being a nanny state you are supposedly not good enough to do it yourself and need a pro to do it….


So to be continued.

  1. Make a bed system that converts from seat to double bed, not a rock and roll, but similar.
  2. Make the cupboards and kitchen area, plus storage
  3. Install a swivel passenger seat system ( coming soon )
  4. Fit a Smev 9722 physically
  5. Fit a Smev 9722 gas connection
  6. Water and waste ( coming soon )
  7. Fit 17″ Alloy wheels
  8. Getting ready for inspector and Visit inspector
  9. Convert officially to Campervan and the dreaded VRT
  10. Insurance
  11. Supplying electrics to Kitchen no leisure battery
  12. Fit a towbar