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Fitting landrover wheels to a T5

Fitting landrover wheels to a T5 is fairly easy as the Landrover and VW T5 vehicles share the same bolt pattern. So if you can get some Landrover wheels, what you will need to fit them straight on to your T5 is a spigot andĀ  bolt kit. The spigot kit is four collars one for each wheel that ensure that… Read more →

Inspection Van to Campervan

Inspection Van to Campervan was done today, and successfully done too. The inspector filled in all my paper work and now I need to contact the lovely people at VRT who will inform me how much I will have to pay in tax to change the van over to camper vanĀ  and enable me to request a new log book… Read more →

VW T5 Van to Campervan

Van-Rouge because it is a Van and it is Red. Plus I love to drink Vin Rouge. Van Rouge is a very close pronunciation to Red Wine in French so it all makes sense. The van is a VW T5 Transporter with the 102BHP 1.9TDI engine. It was previously an Electricians van and I bought it directly from the Electrician… Read more →