Campervan Inspection preparation

Campervan Inspection preparation before going to see the van inspector. A few things needed to be done to the van for it to be certified as a Campervan. So far the work has all been good, but for it to pass it needs a proper two ring cooker and a sink. The sink has to have its waste water collected in a container. The gas cooker has to be installed with a gas box that has a drop vent through the floor of the van and lastly I needed a table.

The sink / cooker I bought from Kiravans in the UK is a Domitec / Smev 9722 and it has two rings as well as the sink. The sink has a 12 Volt tap that switches on the water pump in the water container. as well as a 12 volt supply needed to ignite the gas burners I started making the necessary connections for the power to work and have left the cables waiting for connection under the drivers seat. These do not need to work for the certificate.

The gas however needs to be connected to the cooker and run in one line to the gas box which in my country can be anywhere inside the vehicle and have a drop vent through the floor. Escaping gas will sink as it is heavier than air.  Here it is allowable to make your own box so I started making one from 12mm marine ply, glued and screwed with 40mm waste pipe through the floor.

Choosing where to drill the hole is a very careful process.

Lastly the van needs a table, initially I was going to make a folding table that would hang off the kitchen work top with a suitable rail and a collapsible leg. However checking the rules and it is OK to use a small folding table inside the van, which is better as it can be used outside on a sunny day too…

A few pictures of work carried out, I just need the gas pipe to arrive and find a table and I can go and get the certificate, presuming of course that it all passes.

Campervan Inspection preparation

Bed system half removed to allow access for work, one of the water containers is already in place

You can just see the gas box

Gas drop vent in place but not fully inserted

Gas box

Gas box in place

Draw runners

Draw in place

Domitec / Smev 9722 with water pipes connected and wiring loom made up for connection.

And finally local plumber fits the gas pipe for me and all I have to do is put the rest of it back together for the inspection.