Gas installation Campervan

Gas installation Campervan is a country specific operation. In Ireland the gas installation into a van can be done by the owner of the van but has to comply with certain rules.

  • The gas container has to installed into a gas box which has a hole through the bottom of it out of the van for venting.
  • The gas pipe from that box to the cooker has to be in copper and fixed to the walls etc using clips to avoid movement.

Fortunately you are allowed to make the box yourself and create your own venting system. The surveyor who gives the certificate of conversion to a campervan then tests every thing to make sure that it is up to the desired standard.

Watch a short video here of the installation

Gas installation Campervan

In the end I used a local plumber to cut and bend the pipe and then do the connections as he had the two specialised tools and the paste needed to ensure a good leak free connection.

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