Van Rouge Road Trip 2022 pt2 Italy

We arrived in Italy two weeks into the journey, crossing over on a small road from Isola 2000.

Then headed down across country on national roads to Genoa. I realised very quickly that driving in Italy is a pain in the arse. Speed traps every where and speed limits constantly changing.

A walk down to the sea

It was colder than we were hoping for

Then we drove down further to Cinq Terre, a very beautiful spot, but my next problem, although it was nearing the end of September and therefore out of season. The place was packed, Italians enjoy visiting there own spots, and fair play to them for that. But in my last six years traveling out of season I have kind of enjoyed having places to myself….

Also Italy is not as camper friendly as France or Spain so you have to park in car parks or campsites, not really the nature spots we are used too.

The weather was still not great.

Across to Lucca at the start of Tuscany, rain rain rain….

At Lucca we found a Farm that in exchange for visiting their shop, no obligation to buy, youi can park up for the night. We bought some wine and olive oil though a fair exchange.

Then on to Firenze, where Nadette went for another town visit, I was already fed up of towns (ludite) so went for a cycle for a few hours instead.

During my cycle I came across a nice place to illegally”park the van. It worked out fine though and a fine sunset.

We kept on driving south and had a stop in a small village and visited this underground tomb thingy….


Then on to Siena, which despite myself was very nice….

Cippolini was in the news….

We then found another farm place to stay near Montalcino  which was great with excellent food too so we stayed three days and I had some great cycling. Above is the kind of camper I used to dream of. But now seven years on with the T5 I think the T5 is great much easier to park and drive than anything bigger,

Hot Springs


Montepulciano was a nice town too, we stopped there on our way towards the East coast.

Lake Fiastre, very nice place half way towards the East coast from Tuscany.


Another wild camping spot that we had no problems with

We finally arrived at the East coast near Ancona, the plan being to head over to Croatia, the weather was better but of course the East coast loses the sun early afternoon.

So we headed back to Fiastra and the mountains for a few days before catching our boat to Split in Croatia.

The are was hit by a big Earth Quake a few years back so this pizzeria was in a portacabin next to the original building.

Anothe cycle with a bit of gravel thrown in up to a refuge hut.

We then headed to Ancona for the overnight ferry to Split in Croatia.