Campervan Ireland VRT

Campervan Ireland VRT the dreaded payment where you have to pay a tax for having worked on your own van to make it a Camper. Here in Ireland life can be tough and if there is a way to tax people on anything you can be sure that the Irish government will do it. After having spent 11 months slowly converting the van into a Camper van the job was finally done. In any other country that would pretty much be it. Here of course life is not so simple, go and visit a nice man who is qualified surveyor, who gently takes 300€ from you once he has checked that your van has all the necessary bits and pieces to be a Camper:

Windows, Curtains, Bed that converts to a sofa, kitchen with a sink and two burners. etc

This all worked out fine and after paying my 300 the nice chap gave me the necessary documentation which I then forwarded on to Rosslare. In Rosslare the dept of Campervans give your van a value and you pay 13.3% tax minus 50€ on the value that they decide your van is worth. Fortunately for me after waiting for three weeks they gave my van a low value and my tax came in at just under 1000€. Which was lucky as they might have given my van a higher value. I wonder though how much money would anyone pay for a home converted van, no matter how well it is done.

Anyway I have sent off the money and now I await the paperwork back so that I can finally get my van a new log book, enabling me to get insurance to drive it again. I guess a positive throw on it is that now my road tax will be 102€ which means that after 5 years the VRT will be reimbursed…