Van-Rouge Road Trip 2021 Part 4 Northern Spain

As soon as we arrived into Northern Spain the countryside changed back into the hilly coastline with headlands that we prefer. We drove on to the Island of Arousa. It was much warmer again.

The island has a third of its size made into a very nice park.

On the sea lots of platforms, I guess for some kind of fishing.


Island of Arousa

The next day we drove towards Fisterra, stopping off every now and again.

Parked up in town for the night, quiet and no problem.


First time eating razor clams, very nice


The next day we had a short drive planned to a beach 100KM away on the North Coast, when we got there however the fog was down so we drove another 160KM to Playa de Las Catedrales, and parked up for the night at Praia das Ilas

1000 euros a week, made our investment in making Van-Rouge seem like a good deal.

This guy was standing here for a long time…

We had six days left and wanted to visit the Picos de Europa so drove on towards Llanes where we had a look at this beach.

But kept going another 20KM to this our favourite beach where overnight parking is simple and quiet. Playa Ballota

Playa Ballota

Next day up to Sotres in the Picos, this parking spot last time two years ago was virtually empty, but this time as said before a lot more vans around.


Next morning we got up and walked from Sotres to Hotel Aliva, I was planning to cycle this, but as we walked it 20KM return we went back to the beach the next morning.


The walk in the Picos



Saw two early Africa twins, a small KTM 390 and a Super Ten 1200 coming down the track, 500meters of which looked a bit tricky for a larger bike. Saw a couple of DR400 going up it too.



These two Spanish lads near the Hotel




I can’t speak much Spanish, but there were plenty of cars driving into the track, Motorbikes and Jeeps all the way no problem.

Another favourite spot for a night.








Llanes one evening for dinner


Nice camper, but big.

Classic Transit


Then into the Port of Bilbao, and the 28 hour boat trip to Rosslare, I don’t know why they changed from Cork to Santander as that was a much nicer destination than Bilbao.


On the top deck



We even got to see whales on the way back, two hours before Rosslare



So back home, 6500KM in six weeks, 7.8 litres per 100KM that’s 36MPG. I had a remap done on the van last August, I wish I had done it five years ago. More torque and less fuel. It has transformed what I was actually already happy with…

Alternator, Starter Motor, Front Brake Pads and a Tyre…. All normal wear and tear.


Ten nights in friends houses and the rest in the Van.