Van-Rouge Road Trip 2021 Part 2 Spain

So once we left Mazamet, the idea was to visit a little the Pyrenees on the Eastern side. The weather was bad though so we kept going and ended up sleeping in a motorway Aire, before arriving the next day at a beach a fair bit below Barcelona, of course I went cycling, it was hot and the scenery was good.

Inland Spain is where it is at…

The beach, maybe we should have stayed here the night but we ended up driving some more and found out about the built up coast line of Spain which we hated, could not find anywhere we fancied staying the night so went into a campsite.

Next day we drove into the hills, so much nicer and lovely roads. By the end of the day we had arrived at La Azohia, much nicer, small village and nice beach.

Compared with our previous September visits to Spain there were over double the amount of Vans on the road, mostly Spanish.

Camp spot for the night right in front of the sea

Changing from bed to seat, with my Box and Roll bed….

Some more driving and we were at Las Negras, cool place and maybe we should have stayed longer, but truth be told we were convinced we’d prefer Portugal so we kept going.

Flamingo watching

Salt Flats


We drove straight through the Sierra Nevada, the roads are all new and kind of sterile, the older road was probably a lot nicer and slower. The new road avoids every single town, so it is a bit of pot luck if you find a nice one, you have to turn off the road to see them, Amazing roads for so little traffic.

Mainly the bike stays in the Van, that way I park anywhere and don’t worry about it. Then when parked up I lock it to the van with a cable.

Not such a bad spot for a campervan with a few Germans thrown in too

Playa de las Alberquillas
Camp spot, this was a good place quiet and empty beach

I had it in my mind to see but not visit Gibralter, we then ended up in Tarifa, sleeping behind the beach a few KM further from the town itself.


Last stop in Spain, just for a drink and a look around. Gibraleon